Why Does Cyber Attacks Become a Big Threat to Business?

Cyber attacks become big threat to businesses and companies as they involve identity theft, privacy breach, credit card fraud and other criminal activities. Cyber criminals, whose business is based on this, are becoming more advanced and clever. Cyber attacks can be done through hacking, intrusions, spoofing, phishing and malware programs. They can attack your computer with viruses, worms, Trojan Horses and other malicious software that put you at great danger of private information theft, fraud, scam and identity theft. As these attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated, businesses, organizations, government agencies and individuals are spending a lot of money and time to deal with cyber threats. However, cyber crime does not only harm you, it also gives the cyber attackers the freedom to steal your identity and misappropriate or con you into doing their bidding.

Stealing identities includes instance, if a cyber criminal obtain information from you and use it to do some illegal deeds or even steal from you. Some of the data that could be stolen include social security, credit card, bank account number, phone numbers, emails and even medical records, which may put your life in danger. Cyber criminals are gaining access to personal information by way of hacking. Some of the hacking techniques include:

Some of the attacks happen at a slower pace. There are some instances where cyber criminals hack into your system and collect your personal information without your consent. This is done through gathering of your email addresses from inbox. From there, they send spam, pop-ups and inform you about the updates for different offers.

Sometimes these attacks are not done intentionally. It happens when you accidentally download a malicious program to your PC. Sometimes these attacks come from emails, chat room conversations and message boards. These include Malware, spyware, password thieves, monitor bots and others. You can never tell what is coming to you because you never see any pop up advertisements, which tell you that your computer is being attacked by a virus or spyware.

What does this have to do with cyber attacks on your personal computer? It poses a big risk for all business especially those who sell products and services online. A cyber attack can give your customers’ personal and financial information. Most business people now know how dangerous it is for their business and their personal lives alike to use an unprotected server. The most common type of cyber attacks on computers is known as “malware”. It stands for “Malicious Ware”.

What is cyber-ware? Malware is a harmful software application that may not be detectable or removable. Once installed, it can gather personal and financial information from your computer, using your internet browser. By compromising your PC with malware, you place yourself and your business at risk.

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