Programmatic Advertising The New Way Forward For Texas Businesses

For any business to grow, advertising is a key factor. It helps you to draw in new customers and grab your existing customers to put new, exciting products in front of them.

In previous years, the marketing department of any business has spent hours, or even days preparing advertising space that will work to reach their customers and sometimes, it’s not as successful as the business might hope for the money pumped in.

Programmatic advertising is a new way to advertise that reduces that research time and guarantees that you reach more of your target audience without taking a gamble on your return on investment. In San Antonio, Texas a new programmatic advertising agency named Ranwell Productions has opened up to allow local businesses to access a global market without worrying about the cost of the investment.

Ranwell’s head, Randy Sewell is confident about the future of programmatic advertising, stating that “it’s the fastest and most efficient way to advertise for any business. It allows you to view analytics based on the people viewing advertising space, meaning you can target your ad at your audience at a fair price, pretty much guaranteeing a successful campaign.”

The advertising platform collects data from participating websites to discover the habits of their users. When an advertising space becomes available, they will be able to display data regarding the spending and browsing habits of those people and upload this data to a supply-side platform.

Businesses looking to buy ad space will search on the demand-side platform to find a space that already attracts the time of consumers that they’d like to aim their advert at. This already guarantees that the ad will reach the correct target market – no research involved.

Once a space has been selected the business will bid using a real-time bidding platform, against other businesses to secure the space.

Mr. Sewell says that “this is the most efficient way to find advertising space without a pitching or negotiation meeting. It also means that buyers will be able to compare the previous successes of the ad space, so they can understand its value – something which traditional advertising methods can’t do.”

Where traditionally, a meeting would be held between buyer and seller, where the seller would be able to pluck a figure out of thin air with seemingly no stats, this method shows the buyer what they’re getting for their money. From the seller side, they also avoid these time-consuming sales meetings but retain their profits for high value spaces as more companies will wish to bid for them.

The data on each ad campaign can be tracked throughout the process too, so businesses can understand how well their advert is doing and can be reactive if there needs to be a change. The data from their ad will also contribute to the sale of future ad space, creating a huge advertising life cycle.

Programmatic advertising could work wonders for your business, saving you time and money while boosting your conversion. To find out how Ranwell Productions can help Texas-based businesses to utilize these platforms, get in touch today or take a look at the Ranwell website.

For more information, contact Ranwell Productions:

Address: Country Club Rd, Valdosta, GA 31605

Phone: (866) 406-6096


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